Coronavirus (COVID-19): Preventive measures at the McCord Museum

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Measures to ensure everyone’s safety

Our team has been working for weeks to rethink our programming and access to the Museum and its facilities, in order to provide a safe and pleasant visitor experience. We are looking forward to welcoming you back to the Museum.

The vaccination passport is not currently required to visit the Museum. Although, it is required for all people aged 13 and up to participate in cultural activities in the Theatre.

In accordance with the recommendations issued by the CNESST (Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité au travail), the McCord Museum has implemented the following measures to ensure the safety of visitors and employees.

  • You must reserve your visit to the Museum by purchasing tickets online.
  • A limited number of visitors are being admitted at the same time to ensure that the required distancing is maintained.
    In addition, visitors must follow the designated one-way route through the galleries.
  • Plexiglas barriers have been installed at the Admission Desk and in the Boutique.
  • Hand sanitizing is mandatory at Museum entrances and exits. Disinfecting stations are also available at the entrances and exits of exhibition halls.
  • Face coverings are mandatory for visitors (adults and children 10 years old and up).
    Face coverings are recommended for children ages 2 to 9. They are not recommended for children under 2 years old.
  • Employees working with the public must wear a procedure mask as well as protective eyewear, unless they are working behind a Plexiglas barrier or they are able to keep a 2 metre distance. In this case, employees can simply wear a procedure mask
  • Public spaces, common surfaces and electronic equipment are now cleaned more frequently.
  • To avoid contact with electronic devices in the exhibition halls, visitors can use their cell phones to access a microsite containing all the information and images previously accessible on touch screens.
  • Employees at the Admission Desk and Boutique, as well as mediators, have received training to familiarize themselves with protective measures so they can better guide visitors.

Activities at the Museum

The Museum respects strict sanitary measures to ensure you a pleasant experience without compromising your health, including when you attend on-site activities:

  • Seating limitation with a reduced number of attendees to ensure a 1 metre distance required in areas where spectators are seated.
  • Mandatory face coverings for the whole duration of the activity.
  • Traffic directions to avoid proximity to others.

Planning a visit to the Museum? Consult our Visitor’s Guide.

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