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Rates for photographic reproductions


Reproductions of images are made using 300 dpi (8 x 10 in.) digital files. The following prices are in effect.

  • $20 per image (Production Fee);
  • Administration Fee (shipping and handling: $5 within Canada, $10 outside Canada);
  • Applicable Taxes.

In certain cases, the following extra fees might also apply:

  • Usage Fee;
  • Digital Support Fee;
  • Priority Service Fee.

Please note :
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Prices are in Canadian Currency.


Type of Use Extra Fee Details
For Personal Use No Extra Fee If you are using the images purely for personal purposes, such as for research, school projects, genealogies, non-commercial websites, or to offer as a gift, you do not need to ask for permission or pay a Usage Fee.
For Exhibition and Scholarly Publication No Extra Fee If you plan to exhibit the images publicly in a museum or interpretive centre, on an interpretive sign or plaque, or in a heritage or educational website, there is no Usage Fee to pay.
If you plan to publish the images in a scholarly publication or in a publication of a non-profit organization, there is no Usage Fee to pay. However, the McCord Museum must be visibly credited as the source of the image, and the credit line must include the image number of the photograph.
For Commercial Publication $10 per image A usage fee is charged for publication of McCord Museum images in books, magazines, CD or DVD-ROMs. Purchasing an image for publication gives you a non-exclusive license for one-time use, in all global jurisdictions in all languages.
For Audiovisual Use and other Commercial Use Between $50 and $100 per image, subject to authorization by the McCord Museum A usage fee is charged for reproduction of McCord Museum images in movie clips, films, videos.
A usage fee is also charged for the use of McCord Museum images as decoration in a public area, in advertisements, in commercial website, or on items for re-sale such as calendars, coffee mugs, postcards, t-shirts, etc.
Mixed To be determined A mix of the use types described above.


Shipping Option Extra Fee Details
File Download No Extra Fee Your download will be available once order payment is confirmed.
DVD $10 per CD Your image(s) will be copied to a CD and sent by regular mail service.


Turnaround time Extra Fee Details
Regular Service No Extra Fee Regular Service is 7 to 10 business days.
Priority Service An additional 25% will be charged for orders over CDN$100. A charge of CDN$25 will apply to orders under CDN$100. Upon receipt of a rush order, the McCord Museum will fill it within 2 business days. These orders will be shipped by Canada Post’s Regular Mail Service unless otherwise specified. The cost of Priority Service shipment will be billed to the customer. The McCord Museum has the right to refuse Priority Service shipping for orders that it considers too bulky.


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