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Adoption campaign by the Foundation

Adopt a Stuffed Animal!


Discover below the stuffed animals from the Ogilvy’s holiday mechanical window displays that had been adopted.

The stuffed animals’ virtual adoptions ensure the preservation of this beloved Montreal tradition. Many thanks to all the adoptive parents! Moreover, for every adoption, İÖGO nanö (Agropur) matched the donation. Some stuffed animals are still waiting to be adopted, click here to adopt one of them!

To acknowledge the terms and conditions of the adoption, please click here.

For more information about the adoption campaign, please contact:
Karine Vinette
514 861-6701, ext. 1286


  • « Reine » 
Adopté par/Adopted by: Charlotte Routhier
  • « Johnny » 
Adopté par/Adopted by: Mona Gale Quesnel
  • « Watson » Adopté par/Adopted by: Nicole Guertin
  • « Menoum » 
Adopté par/Adopted by: Claude Charbonneau
  • « Léo »Adopté par/Adopted by: Jean Frégeau
  • « Sophie » 
Adopté par/Adopted by: Sophie Sénécal
  • « Tchoutchou »
Adopté par/Adopted by: Eliott Debunne-Côté

Rabbit and its tractor “Watson” adopted by Nicole Guertin
Grey rabbit holding Hessian bags adopted by Yoanna Skrobik
Cow and its calf in the stable adopted by Chris Savor
Rabbit pumping the water of the outdoor washhouse adopted by Pyrrha
Horse with its saddle adopted by Louise Caron
Little bear with a green bow tie “Menoum” adopted by Claude Charbonneau
Owl at the window adopted by Isadora Tiffe
Two hedgehogs in love adopted by Victoria Trim
Bear with glasses knitting “Amie Bear” adopted by Janet Cheffins
Hedgehog and rabbit working together to cut wood adopted by Arnaud Tousignant
Duo at the dormer windows “Marilyn and Kevin” adopted by Martha Hancock
Hedgehog with a broom adopted by Micheline Panneton
Monkey wearing a beige apron adopted by Paul Raymond
Pig with a tartan scarf “Léo” adopted by Jean Frégeau
Little bear downstairs “Theodore J. McCarthy” adopted by The McCarthys
Mallard wearing gloves “Alphonse” adopted by Elizabeth Currie
Mallard wearing a neck warmer with white pompoms adopted by Caroline Bourgeois
Mallard wearing a scarf “Johnny” adopted by Mona Gale Quesnel
Mallard wearing a hat “Reine”adopted by Charlotte Routhier
Rooster “Omer” adopted by Marc DeSerres
Family of five hens adopted by Diane Beal
Brown rabbit holding a log of wood adopted by Meaghan Lowe
Grey rabbit working next to the cart “Ogilvy” adopted by Sylvie Blanchette
Brown rabbit working “Dada” adopted by Léonard Vachon
Grey rabbit wearing a red bow tie adopted by Monique Jérôme-Forget
Leprechaun adopted by Patrice Godin
Little sheep (first on the right) adopted by the Ralph Family
Little sheep (first on the left) adopted by Michal Kuzmicki
Little sheep (second on the left) “Sophie” adopted by Sophie Sénécal
Little sheep (third on the left) “Tchoutchou” adopted by Eliott Debunne-Côté
Little sheep (fourth on the left) “Moe” adopted by Guylaine Couture
Little dog adopted by the Dwyer Family
Chick wearing a red neck warmer with white pompoms adopted by Gustave Quintal-Roch
Chick wearing a red scarf adopted by Melissa
Chick wearing red gloves adopted by Kyle
Hedgehog with a basket of apples adopted by Dorys
Fawn with a sweet tooth adopted by Deborah
Sheep following the fawn adopted by Shawn
Second sheep adopted by Jovi
Hedgehog with a fork adopted by Marylène
Hedgehog wearing a knitted red cape adopted by Béatrice
Grey rabbit on its barrel adopted by Eada
Grey rabbit working on the top of the cart adopted by Jan
Three little pigs adopted by Deborah
Pig wearing a skirt adopted by Carlem
Leader chick adopted by Elliot G.
Follower chick adopted by Sydney
Calf adopted by John
Ibex adopted by Clara
Little sheep (second on the right) adopted by Claudia
Little sheep (third on the right) adopted by Tess
Little sheep (fourth on the right) adopted by Serena
Little ram adopted by Riley
Little rabbit on the steps adopted by Marie-Lucie Grégoire
Couple of little mallards adopted by Anne-Sophie Gagnon
Couple of moles “Michel and Isabelle” adopted by Catherine Lopez
Little white mouse 2 “Nibbles” adopted by Marguerite Idziak
Rabbit wearing overalls adopted by Bernard Bissonnette
Hedgehog washing its sheep “Mrs. Mecki” adopted by the Danowski Family
Duo playing at the top of the stairs “Max and Moritz” adopted by the Danowski Family
Little white mouse “Lucie” adopted by Eric Slight
Puppy on the steps “Spunky” adopted by Linda Stodola

Adopted by Diana Ferrara: Horse in the stable; Rabbit with a red scarf; Monkey farrier; Monkey with a cooking pot; Monkey playing flute; Monkey wearing a tartan apron


  • « Cammie & Coco » Adopté par/Adopted by: Constance Legault
  • « Régine-Noël » Adopté par/Adopted by: Claire et André Leduc
  • « Brindille » Adopté par/Adopted by: Odette Sabourin
  • « Redgy » 
Adopté par/Adopted by: Danielle Eugénie Cloutier
  • « George » 
Adopté par/Adopted by: Kathleen Berry
  • « Sasha » 
Adopté par/Adopted by: Deborah Sauvé
  • « Mitaine » 
Adopté par/Adopted by: Deborah Sauvé
  • « Hassy » 
Adopté par/Adopted by: Marina Gusti
  • « Etoile » 
Adopté par/Adopted by: 
Famille Sanfourche
  • « Bebe & Lili » 
Adopté par/Adopted by: Bita Cattelan
  • « Jano » 
Adopté par/Adopted by: Anne Janody
  • « Kookie » 
Adopté par/Adopted by: Famille Boucher
  • « Paolino » 
Adopté par/Adopted by: Bita Cattelan
  • « Cocolino » 
Adopté par/Adopted by: Bita Cattelan
  • « Olöfsdottir » 
Adopté par/Adopted by: Jocelyne De Bellefeuille

Frog wearing a tartan suit facing the pond “Connor Frog” adopted by Connor Cheffins
Grey rabbit on the stairs
“Violet Bunny” adopted by Charlotte Cheffins
Lumberjack hedgehog
“Gilles le Bûcheron” adopted by John Cheffins
Frog wearing a tartan suit with a patched pocket
; Frog wearing a tartan suit with patched elbows; Frog wearing a tartan suit and fishing adopted by Éric
Little frog 2 “Sky” adopted by Sophie Polsinello
Little frog 3 “Walter” adopted by Charlie Hébert
Little frog 4 “Benjie” adopted by Baby Polsinello
Rabbit swinging “Lucky” Nicholas Soszynski
Hare (on the right) “Freddie” adopted by Xavier Soszynski
Little frog 6 adopted by Clara Bourgault-Gervais
Fox in a burrow “Sasha”; Grey rabbit in a burrow “Mitaine” adopted by the Sauvé Family
Boar “Samsonix” adopted by Christina Idziack
Little hedgehog standing “Gretta” adopted by Sophie Boulos
Grey rabbit next to the stairs “Hassy” adopted by Marina Gusti
Trapper hedgehog adopted by Leonard Star
Little hedgehog lying down; Little green duck behind
Young hedgehog with flowers adopted by Michal Kuzmicki
Bear wearing a purple jacket adopted by Lucas
Bear wearing a green jacket adopted by Thomas
Bear wearing a red jacket “Charlie” adopted by Diane Lavertu
Bear wearing a blue jacket “Anna Bear” adopted by Julie Elaine Dorval
Bear playing accordion “Régine-Noël” adopted by Claire et André Leduc
Bear holding a little gift “Olivia” adopted by Catherine Tyndale; Bear holding a big gift adopted by Diana Ferrara
Grey rabbit wearing a blue dress adopted by Jim Spielman
Hedgehog at the window “Olöfsdottir” adopted by Jocelyne De Bellefeuille
Bear eating a cake in front of the window “Kookie” adopted by the Boucher Family
Hedgehog mom and her baby “Cammie & Coco” adopted by Constance Legault
Five monkeys band adopted by the O’Brien Family
Rabbit holding a fishing rod adopted by David Jones
White and brown owl at the window “Jano” adopted by Anne Janody
Goat on the roof “Brindille” adopted by Odette Sabourin
Black cat on the roof  “Étoile” adopted by the Sanfourche Family
Monkey clogging his ears “Cullen”; Monkey hiding his eyes “Julia”; Monkey closing his mouth “Katie” adopted by Martha Hancock
Little green duck in front adopted by the Ralph Family
Squirrel “George” adopted by Kathleen Berry
Fawn under the tree “Redgy” adopted by Danielle Eugénie Cloutier
Dog on the steps adopted by Colette Quentin
Chick walking first adopted by Michelle Leduc
Chick walking second adopted by Logan Leduc
Chick walking in third position adopted by Joseph Leduc
Chick walking last adopted by Lucas Leduc
Dog following the chicks adopted by Zayn Daher
Couple of foxes “Monti” adopted by Jennifer Thompson
Rabbit on all fours adopted by Karl Lohnes
Fawn lying down adopted by Marie Gabrielle Boizard
Donkey in the middle adopted by Noémie Bergeron
Donkey walking last “Grisou” adopted by Cécile Laliberté
Fox with a watering can “Terry Fox” adopted by the Baillargeon-Forcier Family
Hedgehog mom and her baby in his cradle adopted by Frédéricke Meloche
Two rabbits working at the millstone “Bebe & Lili”; Dog with a blue collar “Cocolino”; Rabbit sitting in its treehouse “Paolino” adopted by Bita Cattelan
Little frog 1 adopted by Elliot B.
Little frog 5 adopted by Derek
Hedgehog playing accordion adopted by Pierre
Hare (on the left) adopted by Michael
Donkey walking first adopted by Judith
Little yellow chick adopted by Laura Winer
Little mole adopted by Isabelle Havasy
Little boar “Tico” adopted by Christine Schumacher
Couple of little squirrels “Lili and Pétronille” adopted by Lise Danis
Little hedgehog adopted by Marie-Lucie Gregoire
Little chick in the pond “Jewels” adopted by Julie Wong
Owl “Beatrice” adopted by Beatrice Fyfe
Trio of ducks “The three ducks” adopted by Lisette Noël
Hedgehog « Hedgie » adopted by Erin Silver
Bear at the balcony with a tartan blanket adopted by Dana Baran
Hedgehog mom “Micki’” and her child “Cassis”  adopted by John and Mary Lowden
Two monkeys “Heinrich and Hannes” and the donkey “Sigismund” on the bridge adopted by the Danowski Family
Monkey wearing a yellow jacket and his dog adopted by François Leclair
Monkey with a saw “Fernand” adopted by Eric Slight

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