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Gauche : Charles Edenshaw, Panier Haïda, vers 1900. Don du Art Association of Montreal, ACC1811 © Musée McCord | Droite : Artiste inconnu, Masque Haïda, 1800-1850, Recueilli par George Mercer Dawson en 1878. ME892.32.2 © Musée McCord

Journey to the Islands of the People

Throughout history, art has ensured the survival of the Haida people. On the “islands of the people,” they created a unique artistic language. Carved and painted boxes, living masks, finely woven baskets, complex songs and dances, refined tattoos and imposing totem poles, Haida art continues to be enriched by contemporary artists.

You can combine this tour of Haida Art Exhibition with the following activity: Haida Manga.

Duration: 60 minutes.

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