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Gauche : Charles Edenshaw, Panier Haïda, vers 1900. Don du Art Association of Montreal, ACC1811 © Musée McCord | Droite : Artiste inconnu, Masque Haïda, 1800-1850, Recueilli par George Mercer Dawson en 1878. ME892.32.2 © Musée McCord

Haida Manga

Haida Manga is a contemporary comic style that explores the formline tradition and the stories of the people of Canada’s west coast by adapting contemporary Japanese manga techniques.

During the workshop, the children create a collective comic strip.

Duration: 60 minutes

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Educational Vision

Open-minded, open to others, to the city, and to the world. Discover our vision promoting social and civic values!


Lunch area

A lunch area is available for a fee of $50.

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