Temporary exhibition

Tuesday March 20, 2012 — Sunday May 6, 2012

Lynne Cohen

This exhibition has ended

The McCord Museum presents a selection of 12 works by world-renowned photographer Lynne Cohen. On display from March 20 to May 6, 2012, the exhibition will provide an overview of her work from 1970 to 2011, which features unusual interiors that are nonetheless real. Her works might suggest that the place is the result of some kind of staging, an installation prepared by the artist before being photographed; surprisingly, she photographs the spaces as she finds them. The strength of Ms. Cohen’s work lies in the strangely artificial feeling of these interiors. Distancing herself from documentary photography, which strives to preserve a record of a place or images of Canada, she seeks instead to present scenes as she discovers them, without putting them into socio-historical context. In the choice of various interiors to be photographed, visitors can identify artistic, social and political references.

Not to be missed!

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