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Temporary exhibition

Friday April 11, 2003 — Sunday October 5, 2003

Káx!áya Gvì!ás “The ones who uphold the laws of our ancestors”

This exhibition has ended.

Káx!áya Gvì!ás – “The ones who uphold the laws of our ancestors” is the first museum exhibition ever mounted about the art and culture of the Heiltsuk Nation, who reside on British Columbia’s Northwest Coast. Káx!áya Gvì!ás (pronounced “kak-see-lá gwee-ee-lás”), features work by present-day Heiltsuk artists and rarely seen historic artifacts, including brightly painted masks, carved bowls and musical instruments. The title of the exhibition reflects the melding of art and culture in Aboriginal life, and members of the Heiltsuk community provide the “voice” of the exhibition, explaining the importance of artistic traditions and addressing key issues relating to history, production and ownership.

Káx!áya Gvì!ás was produced in collaboration with the Heiltsuk Tribal Council, the Heiltsuk Cultural Education Centre, the Royal Ontario Museum and the Royal British Columbia Museum, with the support of Heritage Canada.

Not to be missed!

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