Antoine Plamondon (1804-1895) - Musee McCord

Temporary Exhibition

Friday December 1, 2006 — Sunday April 1, 2007

Antoine Plamondon (1804-1895)

Milestones of an Artistic Journey

This exhibition has ended.

The work of Antoine Plamondon, one of Quebec’s most influential painters from the 19th century constitute an invaluable catalogue of developments in Canadian painting in the 19th century. His classical manner and adeptness for capturing a subject’s gravity and spirituality, grace or charm, made him the most sought-after portrait artist amongst Lower Canadian high society. Plamondon himself ascribed greater importance to his religious paintings and they account for more than half of his total body of work.

An excellent copyist, Plamondon drew inspiration from such artists as Raphael, David, and Paulin-Guérin, and copied the works of such masters as Titian and Rubens. His use of colour is extraordinary, and his deft touch for facial expressions easily draws the viewer into the canvas, be it to join in the thrill of a pigeon hunt, witness the assured confidence of a Huron gentleman, or sit at the feet of gentle Soeur Sainte-Anne and allow the beauty and serenity of Plamondon’s paintings to elicit a quiet rapture.

Antoine Plamondon (1804-1895). Milestones of an Artistic Journey is organised and toured by the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, a public corporation funded by the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec. The exhibition received financial support under Canadian Heritage’s Museums Assistance Program.

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