After Notman - Musee McCord

Temporary exhibition

Friday June 18, 2010 — Monday October 18, 2010

After Notman

This exhibition has ended.

A century apart, but the same place and same time: two photographers, two lenses, one goal.

From June 18 to October 18, 2010, the McCord presents the exhibition After Notman on the McGill College Avenue, between De Maisonneuve Boulevard and President Kennedy Avenue. The exhibition is comprised of 13 structures that offer historical and current views of Montreal, with 24 photographs taken in the 19th century by William Notman (1826-1891) juxtaposed with 24 photos taken by Poland-born Toronto photographer Andrzej Maciejewski between 1999 and 2001.

This year’s outdoor exhibition offers something else new: three structures positioned along the route between McGill College Avenue and the McCord. Each of the panels presents an historical photograph of the same site, providing visitors with an on the spot ”then and now” perspective of how Montreal has changed.

Through a parallel display of the original works and their contemporary equivalents — taken from the same angle and at the same time of year and day but a century apart — the exhibition spurs reflection on our day-to-day lives and the passing of time. Its ”lenticular poster” technology allows visitors, with a slight movement of the head, to gain a one-of-a-kind ”before and after”; view of the same site.

Not to be missed!

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