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Education and Community Programs


With the goal of creating engaged citizens, the McCord Museum’s Education Programs department organizes initiatives designed especially for a variety of clienteles. From toddlers in the company of their parents to seniors with diminished autonomy, every public can enjoy the museum thanks to programs adapted to its needs.

To understand history and get the perspective needed to appreciate the progress made by society, one must look back at the past from the present. The Museum offers a contemporary immersive approach to history and creates opportunities for contemplation, thus reflecting a city open to the world.

The museum’s educational mission is to engage visitors’ curiosity, stimulate questions about the objects in the collection and enrich the visitor experience. Our initiatives enable visitors to play an active role and develop their powers of observation and ability to analyze material culture.

For over 20 years, the Museum has provided schools with a variety of educational activities on themes related to the Quebec curriculum that complement this content without repeating it. This programming includes original, innovative activities at the Museum itself as well as outreach programs, both of which aim to offer a global experience that transcends time and space.

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Curious Students

In 2014, the Museum welcomed close to 20,000 students at the Museum.

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