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The Conservation Department is at the heart of the McCord’s mandate to preserve, study and present its objects. Our engagement in hands-on and scholarly activities relating to preservation makes our objects more accessible, allowing visitors, colleagues and researchers alike to enjoy and learn from our collections.

Conservation research enables us to better understand the place of objects in our history and their pertinence to us today. Every object on display at the Museum has been studied, documented and, in most cases, treated by the Conservation Department. As well, the McCord is a leader in collections care, overseeing the maintenance of the museum environment in its galleries and vaults and ensuring the protection of the Museum’s objects during exhibition and travel.

Conservators at the McCord maintain the highest standards throughout the conservation process, safeguarding as much as possible the aesthetic and historic integrity of its collections.

Anne MacKay

Anne MacKay, 2017 © Laura Dumitriu

Meet the conservator Anne MacKay and learn more about her expertise and what she does.

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