Guislaine Lemay - Curator, Material culture - McCord Museum

Collections and Research

Photo: © Laura Dumitriu, 2019

Guislaine Lemay


Beyond its materiality, an object carries cultural and social significance, as well as a personal and often emotional meaning.  It is these fascinating hidden stories that I enjoy bringing to light.


Guislaine Lemay has a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and a master’s of science in ethnohistory. She joined the McCord Museum in 1992, working primarily with the Indigenous Cultures collection. In 2010, she took charge of the Museum’s Decorative Arts collection. Since then, she has explored the world of play and developed expertise in children’s museology by working on annual toy exhibitions aimed at young visitors (and their parents) such as The Topsy-Turvy Storyland, Mister Rabbit’s Circus and Treasures in the Attic, to name a few. In 2016, with funding from Quebec’s digital culture plan, she took part in a major digitization project to photograph pieces of glassware and ceramics from the Museum’s collection.

In 2019, she was named Curator of Material Culture, a collection created following the merger of the McCord Museum and the Stewart Museum. This extensive collection consists of artefacts that illustrate domestic interiors, scientific advances, community life and consumption habits. The range of objects includes furniture, items related to food preparation, interior decoration and household management, numismatic materials, terrestrial globes and navigation instruments, hunting, fishing and sporting equipment, weapons and objets d’art.


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