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Evelyn Stanley Bagg Davis’ autograph book entitled "The Ghosts of My Friends", in which wet signatures are blotted to create unusual images, 1906-1907. Bagg Family Fonds P070, M986.70.4 © McCord Museum

75,000 pages of History

To commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation and 375th anniversary of Montreal’s founding, the McCord Museum is making 75,000 new images from its Textual Archives collection available to the public.

This carefully curated selection features 21 sets of documents, most of which are archives from individuals, families or organizations, or special collections organized around a theme or type of document. The archival documents described, digitized and published online as part of this project recount the history of Canada, but more specifically that of Montreal and Montrealers over the 19th and 20th centuries.

Part of a knowledge-sharing initiative that aims to provide public access to a variety of content-rich archives, this project presents major events, organizations, and figures that have marked our history, both local and national. By encouraging the dissemination of its archives, the McCord Museum also hopes to help preserve and showcase Canada’s heritage.

Each archival description includes a noteworthy excerpt from the documents as well as explanatory notes. We invite researchers and amateurs alike to discover the stories and history of Canada, its inhabitants, and urban life in Montreal.

Canadiana Collection C002 1763-1991
New France Collection C003 1610-1827
School Work Collection C145 1865-1965
Expo 67 and Man and His World Collection C146 1963-1999
Performing Arts Collection C156 1816-1989
Recipes and Food Collection C265 1749-2000
Pamphlets and Advertisements Collection C283 1812-1985
Menus and Gastronomy Collection C285 1853-2004
Fashion, Fabrics and Clothing Collection C609 1826-2008
McCord Family Fonds P001 1708-1954
Bagg Family Fonds P070 1749-1995
Gibb Family Fonds P075 1797-1970
Windsor Hotel Fonds P092 1877-1980
Clarence A. Gagnon Fonds P116 1904-1978
Pen and Pencil Club of Montreal Fonds P139 1890-1966
Montreal Hunt Club Fonds P161 1830-1998
John Wardrop Ross Fonds P217 1899-1951
Sir George Back Fonds P238 1819-1878
Junior League of Montreal Fonds P685 1913-2007
Jean-Claude Poitras Fonds P689 1949-2006
John Warden Fonds P741 1957-2007

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This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.

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