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Board of Trustees

Monique Jérôme-Forget – Chair
François H. Ouimet – Vice Chairman
Daniel Baer – Treasurer
Paul Raymond – Secretary
Claude Gendron – Ex-officio Member
Suzanne Fortier – Ex-officio Member
Suzanne Sauvage – Ex-officio Member
Derek A. Price – Honorary Chair

Michèle Audette
Sharon Azrieli
Grégoire Baillargeon
Bruce D. Bolton
Anne-Marie Boucher
Catherine Desbarats
Cynthia Gordon
Michal Kuzmicki
Christian Leblanc
Olivier Legault
Jacob Lithgow
Alan MacIntosh
Melissa Mollen-Dupuis
Véronique Morin
Jean-Claude Poitras
Marie Senécal-Tremblay
Pierre Trahan
Ann Vroom
Diane Wilhelmy

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