Stories of involvement – Canada Life - McCord Museum
Preschool visit, Wearing our Identity – The First Peoples Collection exhibition © Delphine Delair

Stories of involvement – Canada Life

Learn about the values that have prompted Canada Life to support the McCord Museum’s educational programs for over 15 years.

September 15, 2021

Canada Life is a longstanding supporter of the McCord Museum’s educational programs. Over the past 15 years, its generosity and dedication to improving access to culture has enabled the Museum to welcome thousands of students of all ages and backgrounds, introducing them to Montreal’s social history through objects, art and educational kits. The aim of these programs is to help students gain a better understanding of social and cultural topics and encourage them to reflect, engage in dialogue, and work towards equity and positive change. Canada Life’s support helps us put inclusiveness at the forefront of our educational mission.

Each year, the McCord Museum’s Education, Community Engagement and Cultural Programs team delivers and develops a wide variety of educational activities to complement the Quebec school curriculum. These activities encourage students to learn more about their city and the world around them, empowering them to become engaged and open-minded citizens. According to Maria-Luisa Romano, Head, Education, Community Engagement and Cultural Programs, Our team’s primary goal, our raison d’être, is to make contact with students of all origins, establish a dialogue with them, facilitate their introduction to the Museum and history, pique their curiosity and promote reflection.

School visit, Montreal – Points of View exhibition © Elias Touil

At Canada Life, we believe that history has the power to motivate, educate and inspire, notes Debbie Down, Director, Community Relations, at Canada Life. That’s why we’re proud to support the McCord Museum, a participatory and community-oriented museum, as it educates students through inclusive, easily accessible art programs and educational workshops. We hope these programs will encourage young people to discover the past, understand the present, and create a more diverse and inclusive future.

Together, we believe we can spark meaningful dialogue and expand students’ minds, one program at a time.

We are very grateful for Canada Life’s enduring support, says Nathalie Lévesque, Executive Director, McCord Museum Foundation. Their involvement over the years has enabled the Museum to use objects, stories and the sharing of experiences to help students from a variety of backgrounds better understand the history of their society and enjoy access to an institution that has been celebrating life in Montreal for one hundred years.