Jean-Claude Poitras: Fashion and Inspiration - Japan - McCord Museum
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Jean-Claude Poitras: Fashion and Inspiration – Japan

March 31, 2020

Montreal designer Jean-Claude Poitras talks about one of his sources of inspiration: Japan, where he travelled during an exploratory trip in 1979.

The exhibition Jean-Claude Poitras: Fashion and Inspiration sheds light on the creative world of Montreal designer Jean-Claude Poitras. It takes a look at the man who left his mark on prêt-à-porter in Montreal and the rest of Canada over the course of a prolific career spanning more than three decades, from the 1970s to the 2000s.

Clothing, objects, archival material and multimedia displays reveal the designer’s personality and his three major sources of inspirationfamily and religion, muses and film, and travel.

This exhibition was organized jointly by the McCord Museum and the Musée de la civilisation.