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Sding K’awXangs—Haida: Supernatural Stories

On their lush islands off the northwest coast of Canada, the Haida created a world of exceptional artistic expression—a world that enabled them to leave their mark on history, despite their virtual disappearance in the late 19th century.

The exhibition, Sding K’awXangs—Haida: Supernatural Stories, featuring a remarkable selection of rare historical Haida art objects from the Museum’s collections, reveals a slice of this people’s rich heritage.

Works by seven contemporary Haida artists selected by guest curator Kwiaahwah Jones round out the exhibition: John Brent Bennett, Dorothy Grant, Lisa Hageman, Ariane Medley, Cori Savard, Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas, Evelyn Vanderhoop. To this corpus are added works by Bill Reid (1920-1998), one of the most famous and celebrated Haida artists.

Direction and production of the video: Tomi Grgicevic