Collecting Knowledge - Session 1 - McCord Museum

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Collecting Knowledge: New Dialogues on McCord Museum Collections – Session 1


Colloquium organized jointly by the research team of Montréal, Dynamic Hubspace, and the McCord Museum, was held November 7-9, 2013.

Attracting 150 participants, this unique event was designed to establish a dialogue about new research frontiers and stimulate discussions to enhance public knowledge of the Museum’s collections. The colloquium was also an opportunity to present recent research findings that have made innovative use of the McCord Museum’s historical collections, one of Canada’s largest sources of documents and artefacts for historical research.

The meeting presented a wealth of information and generated a great deal of interest, proof of the importance of encouraging exchanges between researchers and curators.

Welcoming Address:

  • Suzanne Sauvage, Musée McCord
  • Joanne Burgess, UQAM

Session 1:

  • CHAIR, Joanne Burgess, UQAM
  • Biography of a Collection: Costume and Textiles at the McCord Museum
    Cynthia Cooper, McCord Museum
  • When is Conservation? Treatment and Object Biography
    Anne MacKay, McCord Museum
  • L’objet identitaire – L’exposition Porter son identité – La collection Premiers Peuples
    Guislaine Lemay, McCord Museum