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Chapleau, Profession: Cartoonist

April 15, 2020

Here’s a preview presented by Serge Chapleau of what awaits in the exhibition!

Explore the world of Serge Chapleau in the first major retrospective devoted to the creative work of this icon of cartooning. With his incisive pen and devilishly sharp strokes, Chapleau shows us the hilarious side of Quebec society. Politicians, celebrities and other public figures—everyone is fair game for the Montreal cartoonist’s scathing humour.

The exhibition Chapleau, Profession: Cartoonist presents over 150 original cartoons, sketches and illustrations and reveals unknown facets of this multidisciplinary artist.

With the focus inevitably on satire, the exhibition looks back at 50 years of Quebec popular culture and current affairs.

The exhibition Chapleau, Profession: Cartoonist is presented by LaPresse.