Documentary «Focus Iran – L’audace au premier plan» - McCord Museum

FIFA at the McCord Museum

Thursday, January 31, 2019 at 6 p.m.


Documentary Focus Iran – L’audace au premier plan


The FIFA at the McCord Museum

The Festival international du film sur l’art will feature a program of documentaries on fashion and photography at the McCord Museum. Join us on the last Thursday of the month for a screening with guest(s).

Focus Iran – L’audace au premier plan

Iran is a fascinating country. In this Islamic Republic torn between tradition and modernity, a burgeoning, creative, and daring photography scene commits to presenting a different picture of their country to the world. Directed by duo Nathalie Masduraud and Valérie Urréa, this film follows the tale of five photographers, four of which are women, from Tehran to Lake Urmia. A tale of women, first and foremost, but also of today’s Iran.

Focus Iran – L’audace au premier plan, France, 2017, 53 min., Nathalie Masduraud and Valérie Urréa
In French and Farsi, French subtitles


Aydin Matlabi, humanitarian artist.


Free activity. Seating is limited.
Location: J.A. Bombardier Theatre, McCord Museum

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