Documentary Screening: Elliott Erwitt: Silence Sounds Good

FIFA at the Museum

Wednesday, May 18, 2022, at 6 p.m.

Documentary Screening: Elliott Erwitt: Silence Sounds Good


Attend the screening of the documentary Elliott Erwitt: Silence Sounds Good and the short film Flowing Water.

Elliott Erwitt: Silence Sounds Good

Adriana Lopez Sanfeliu’s documentary is a sensitive portrait of a key figure in photography: Elliott Erwitt. With tenderness and candour, the director, who is also the photographer’s assistant, shows us a man of warmth, humour and great humility. Known for his iconic shots and spirit of gentle self-deprecation, Erwitt has had a profound impact on the history of photography.

Elliott Erwitt: Silence Sounds Good, Spain, 2019, 61 min., Adriana López Sanfeliu. In French and English.

Flowing Water

This project was inspired by neurologist Oliver Sacks’s book, The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat, which tells the story of Jimmie G, a 49-year-old former sailor who, since leaving the navy, was convinced he was still 19 years old. Jimmy was shocked by his own reflection when Sacks handed him a mirror but reverted to his 19-year-old self as soon as his gaze left the reflective surface. Jimmie had almost no short-term memory and lived as a prisoner in a single, perpetual moment, shifting between his presence in the world and his presence to himself.

Much like Jimmie G, the garments in the film move between two states and perpetually change  as they react to the chromatic spectrum. Capable of recognizing the colours in their immediate surroundings, they are at once liquid and chameleon-like, adapting to the slow rhythm of their ever-changing environment. A mirror effect is at play with the garments reacting to what they see. Much like Oliver Sacks’s patient, they alternate between what they are and what they can potentially become while embodying the inherent complexity of everything.

Flowing Water, Standing Time, Canada, 2019, 5 min., Alexandre de Bellefeuille. Without dialogue.


Free activity, in French and in English, presented on Wednesday, May 18, 2022, at 6 p.m.
60 minutes
Location: J. Armand Bombardier Theatre at the McCord Museum
Limited seating, reservation required.
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FIFA at the Museum

In 2022, the McCord Museum will present a documentary program in collaboration with the International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA).
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