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FIFA at the McCord Museum

Saturday, October 17, 2020, at 1:30 p.m.

Bouquet Final


Being screened at the International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA), Bouquet Final is a documentary by Erwan Augoyard and Sophie Kovess-Brun.

Bouquet Final

For a year, Augoyard and Kovess-Brun followed Kevin, Ester, Gabriel and Olivier, four students in the fashion section of La Cambre in Brussels, one of the world’s most prestigious visual arts schools, as they developed their collections for their fifth and final year in the program. The filmmakers wanted to provide a thought-provoking take on the sincere motivations of these young people fascinated by the world of fashion.

Through the students’ own accounts and insights from fashion professionals such as Hervé Yvrenogeau, Laurent Edmond, Dinie Van den Heuvel and Sandrina Fasoli, Bouquet Final explores the creative process, doubts and dreams of the four aspiring designers. Do they have what it takes, and are they thick-skinned enough, to make it? Will their artistic ambitions be strong enough to withstand the demands of the industry?

Beyond the basic issue of artistic creation, fashion—the film’s central character—is revealed to be a perilous endeavour in which doubts, demands and toil become entangled against a backdrop of creative brilliance. More than a conventional documentary on youth, more than a fashion showcase, Bouquet Final takes an in-depth look at an entire fashion generation from a social standpoint.

Bouquet Final, Belgium, 2019, 73 min., Erwan Augoyard and Sophie Kovess-Brun
In French.


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Location: J. Armand Bombardier Theatre at the McCord Museum

FIFA at the McCord Museum

This autumn, the International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA) and the McCord Museum have organized a full program of documentaries about Christian Dior and his fashion house.
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