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After Hours at the McCord

Thursday, March 22 from 5 to 10 p.m.

Montreal Digital Spring X After Hours at the McCord – Montreal A.I.

After Hours at the McCord

After Hours at the McCord – Montreal A.I. is organized by the McCord Museum in partnership with Montreal Digital Spring. This special evening is the official launch of Montreal Digital Spring 2018. The After Hours at the McCord series is presented by National Bank.

Connect with an evening of artificial intelligence and experience technology as never before!
Exceptionally until 10 p.m., DJ Tony Montreal will play a set of minimal electro and classics + hands-on displays in the exhibitions (new!).

  • Interactive workshops with robots, creative mobile apps, facial recognition technology, and more!
  • Participatory activities involving cerebral activity and a sensory experience.
  • Themed cocktails + a door prize!
  • Explore the spring photo exhibition Michel Campeau: Life Before Digital, a tribute to silver-based photography, a revolutionary technology of the 1950s!

Reserve your spot (Membership card mandatory). Drink not included.

GENERAL ADMISSION: $16 in advance  / $20 at the door.
Tickets non-refundable. Drink not included.

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  • HUMANOID ROBOTS: Meet robots Nao and Pepper (only 2 in Canada)! You’ll be surprised by what they can do, what they know, and their ability to talk in either English or French!
  • CREATIVE APPS: Have fun with creative projects developed by the NFB for your smartphone. Enhance your online presence with Viral Advisor or participate in a personalized wake-up service with Stir.
  • FACIAL RECOGNITION: Take part in the Level of Confidence awareness campaign launched by art project ANTIMODULAR.
  • SLOW TECH: Watch and listen as the art installation Light Wires interacts with the digital activity generated during the evening in real time and learn about slow tech with Montreal artists Evelyne Drouin (alias DJ Mini) and Jeffrey Dungen.
  • INTERACTIVE PROJECTION: Meet VOXA, a digital being who will speak directly to you during the evening. Its purpose is to watch over Montreal and keep an eye on its citizens. VOXA will therefore follow everything you say and do and then discuss its observations.


  • IMMERSIVE REALITY HELMET: With Helmetron, created by artist Alexandre Saunier, dive into the heart of the machine and enjoy a unique sensorial experience as a data flow is transformed into sound and light.
  • SONIFICATION OF BRAIN WAVES (CoCo Brain Channel): Put on an EEG headset to see your brain in action and then watch it become a sound creation, with the help of researchers from the CoCo Lab (Université de Montréal). Your signals will be used as part of an exclusive performance by Casino Neuronale and DJ-GABAergique to accompany a screening of the remixed documentary The Human Brain.
  • DIGITAL MEDIA ARTS: Enter into a new digital theatre of natural, artificial and collective intelligences. Several will be presented by UQAM PhD students, who are members of the Hexagram network.


Discover our collections and explore our exhibitions from a new perspective! Museum staff will be leading interactive displays all evening:

  • In the photography exhibition Michel Campeau: Life Before Digital
    Photographic innovations over time– From daguerreotypes and glass negatives, to Brownie and Polaroid cameras, our way of looking at the world has changed, thanks to these devices and tools. Learn about how they did it and how they operate!
  • In the permanent exhibition Wearing Our Identity. The First Peoples Collection
    Inuit technology and adapting to the land – To adapt to the extreme conditions of their environment, the Inuit have developed innovative ways of making clothing. Handle tools, skins and textiles used by the Inuit and discover their secrets!


MUSIC: DJ Tony Montreal will perform on decks offering a mix of minimal electro and classics.
FOOD AND DRINK: themed cocktails from Invasion Cocktail, Boldwin organic beers, brewed in Boucherville, natural wines from Le vin dans les voiles, and delectable dishes created by Maurin Cuisine.
GIF PHOTO BOOTH: Check out the National Bank photo booth and get a memorable portrait featuring a colourful background.


Whether you’re already an expert or simply curious, you can continue exploring artificial intelligence and new technology! (Prize worth more than $1400)

– 2 passes to Montreal Digital Spring 2018
– 2 passes to the International Digital Arts Festival (BIAN) and Elektra Festival
– 1 admission to a TechnoMontreal lecture
– 1 day at MT Lab – a hub to support innovation in the tourism, culture and entertainment sectors – and 4 tickets for a MT Lab lecture
– A subscription to the online digital arts magazine, Archée
– 2 tickets a show during MUTEK Montreal 2018

Printemps numérique (Digital Spring) is a non-profit organization whose primary mission is to boost digital creation and creativity through various activities of event productions, communication, curation, networking and mediation between the actors of the ecosystem.

Since 2014, its main/flagship event, the Printemps numérique (digital spring), is held annually in Montreal from March 21 to June 21. This season is both a space for networking between the arts, industry, education and research and a showcase of their productions. The programming, by its size and diversity, allows to introduce a large audience to the works of digital artists and attracts an international clientele.

Printemps numérique (Digital Spring) receives financial support from the Ville de Montréal,
the Gouvernement du Québec, Tourisme Montréal, OVH and Vortex Solution.

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