Reconnaître le territoire : la démarche du Musée - Musée McCord


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Acknowledging the Land: the Museum’s Approach

The McCord Museum sits on land used and occupied by Indigenous peoples for millennia that has never been ceded by treaty. The Kanien’kehá:ka Nation has a profound and ongoing attachment to this territory, which it calls Tiohtiá:ke. Acknowledging that colonialism has had devastating consequences on First Peoples, the Museum recognizes its duty to help raise awareness of Indigenous cultures and to support their continued vitality.

Why this Land Acknowledgment?

Learn more about the McCord Museum’s approach and engagement, from acknowledging to collaborating with Indigenous individuals and communities. With:

  • Jonathan Lainey, Curator, Indigenous Cultures
  • Suzanne Sauvage, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Joanna Abrahamowicz, Cultural Mediator

Not to be missed!