Wathahine - Photographs of Aboriginal Women by Nance Ackerman

From March 10 to November 14, 2010

This exhibition has ended.

Nance Ackerman, documentary photographer, travelled to all parts of Canada to capture on film the faces and expressions of some 20 Aboriginal women. Seniors and teachers, artists and activists, all are passionate and determined in their efforts to improve the lives of those in their families and communities.

Wathahine, which means long journey in Mohawk, is a collection of black-and-white portraits, poignant in their powerful and solemn presentation and accompanied by strong and compelling testimonials.

The original photography project was made possible through funding from the Canada Council Explorations Programme and the Secretary of State, Multiculturalism. As well as with the assistance of Pauktuutit (Inuit Women's Association), Jessica Hill of the Kanien'kehaka Raotitiohkwa Cultural Centre, and the Native Women's Association of Canada.