Garnotte, The health of the language of health, 1997. Gift of M. Michel Garneau, © McCord Museum, M2007.69.148

Language programs

The Museum offers both on-site and online activities to help participants learn and practise a new language while fostering a sense of belonging to the host community.


A guided tour of the Museum helps beginners develop an ear for the language, acquire new vocabulary and learn about Montreal culture. The itinerary is adapted to the needs of your group of language students. Conversation exercises are incorporated into the tour, which also includes a workshop where participants can handle and discuss objects.


Les Rendez-vous du Musée McCord 2.0” is designed for all our virtual visitors who would like to learn French. You can test your knowledge of French with the help of online educational materials. These videos and worksheets offer a unique opportunity to explore the customs and traditions of Quebec and Canada.


Drawing on its experience, the McCord Museum is a vital contributor to the francization of newcomers to the city. It has recently collaborated with a francization specialist to prepare an accurate profile of these new immigrants and a program to meet their expectations and needs.

Since April 5, 2016, they will be invited to discover the permanent exhibition Montreal – Points of View. Visits will be led by facilitators who have received special training for the program.
They will be encouraged to ask questions about the artefacts, share their own memories, and compare their own culture with that of Montrealers. A workshop will conclude the visit.

Thanks to the generosity of a Montreal philanthropist, admission to the program will be free to the first 1,000 visitors.

Information and reservations
514 861-6701, ext. 2234

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