Feel like exploring the richness of the collections held by the McCord Museum? Want to see a museum exhibition without moving from where you are right now? No problem…

Visit our virtual exhibitions!

Everyday items, period paintings, aboriginal artifacts, and historical photographs and documents are featured in these exhibitions. You are sure to be fascinated by the objects, which come to you via novel formats, innovative computer interfaces and amusing games and are well-documented by specialists in their field. In fact, our virtual exhibitions will be the start of an amazing adventure!

Where to Draw the Line? Editorial Cartoons in Quebec, 1950-2000 (2009)

Welcome to a space where controversy rules! But watch your step! Every click of the mouse can trigger wild laughter or push you into deep thought… Take a look back at events that made headlines in Montreal between 1950 and 2000.

The Photographic Studio of William Notman (2005)

The photographs of William Notman's photographic studio (1856-1936) are a priceless testimony to the history of Canada in the 19th and 20th centuries, from its peoples to its landscapes …

Urban Life through Two Lenses (2002)

A century apart, but the same place and the same time: two photographers, two lenses, but the same goal.

The Victoria Bridge (2002)

This virtual exhibition is no longer available due to technical problems.

The Magic Lantern (2001)

We invite you to indulge your heart and your mind by exploring some of our 1250 lantern slides depicting Canada in the early 20th century.