MOMENTA | Biennale de l'image

8 September 2017 — 12 November 2017

Jayce Salloum, location/dis-location(s): gleaning spaces. From the exhibition The Militant Image: Picturing What Is Already Going On, Or The Poetics Of The Militant Image, Camera. Austria, Graz, Autriche, 2014. © Alessio Eberl, 2014

Jayce Salloum

location/dis-location(s): beyond the pale

Focusing on the theme What Does the Image Stand For? proposed by guest curator Ami Barak, MOMENTA | Biennale de l’image presents Jayce Salloum – location/dis-location(s): beyond the pale in collaboration with the McCord Museum.

In the form of a thematically structured nebula, this installation consists of photographs extracted from archives that Salloum has been building since 1979 during his travels around the world. By mixing personal and public archives, he takes on questions related to disputed borders, nationalism, social integration, and crises of identity. He positions himself as an anthropologist of the present who analyzes our environment, near or far, and its representations, revealing the many facets of so-called reality. This project also functions like a personal attempt to rationalize the outside world.

Not to be missed!

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