Temporary exhibition

17 March 2017 — 1 October 2017

Fashioning Expo 67


Embracing visual image, display, and spectacle to promote its optimistic and forward-looking world view, Expo 67 was a watershed moment for Montreal. Its modern mix of art, architecture, technology and design conveyed a message of boldness and creativity that resonated with the Canadian fashion milieu. Young designers and manufacturers alike seized the opportunity to participate in projects such as futuristic fashion magazine spreads shot on the site, locally designed uniforms for hostesses, and live fashion shows with roller skating models, and take advantage of this exceptional showcase to shine on a world stage.

  • Dress, 1967. Gift of Denise Philippon M2014.68.1 © McCord Museum
  • Hostess uniform, Expo 67, 1967. Designer: Michel Robichaud. Gift of Sybilla J. Mannsfeldt M2012.50.1 1-4 ©McCord Museum
  • Hostess uniform, Quebec Pavilion, 1967. Designers: Serge & Réal. Gift of the Quebec Pavilion M967.93. 1-2 © McCord Museum
  • Dress, Mon pays c’est l’hiver, 1967. Designer: Jacques de Montjoye. Gift of Jacques de Montjoye M2015.34.6 © McCord Museum
  • Paper dress, 1967. Designer: Eleanor Ellis. Caricatures: Robert LaPalme. Gift of The International Ladies Garment Workers Union of Montréal M2012-20.1.1-4 © McCord Museum

The exhibition Fashioning Expo 67 invites visitors to enter the world of Expo 67 and experience the effervescence of Montreal’s fashion moment. The exhibition will feature over 60 outfits —hostess uniforms from various pavilions, clothing by Quebec designers— and products from every sector of the Canadian fashion industry, including hats, gloves, umbrellas, purses, jewellery, and even fur.

The different sections of the exhibition will also display drawings, photographs, archival film footage, and documents. In addition, there will be videos of interviews that the Museum conducted with several designers from the era.

Discover the exhibition Fashioning Expo 67 with Chantal Lamarre, ambassador of the exhibition, and Cynthia Cooper, curator.

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What people are saying about it

« The exhibition allows us to travel to the year where Montreal was at it's best to welcome the world! » Montreal Weekly
« Montreal was never groovier than in 1967. » CBC News
« There will be many, many Expo-themed events as the 50th anniversary of Montreal’s coming-out year proceeds, but few of them are likely to get as close to the essence of that epochal six-month fair as Fashioning Expo 67! » Montreal Gazette
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