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M2006.; II-202851; M2012.69.2.12 © McCord Museum Three generations of Abenakis © Antoine Desilets. Reference: Archives nationales du Québec, Montréal. Antoine Desilets Fonds, P697, 5948.

Our Amazing Families – Three Centuries of Quebec Documents and History

Each document is unique, telling the story of a particular Quebec family or individual, but taken together, they form a part of our collective history.

The Museum’s Textual Archives collection contains unique records that bear witness to the lives of Quebec families. Until very recently, less than 1% of this material could be accessed online. Thanks to the financial support of Sun Life Financial, which has made an extraordinary contribution to preserving and showcasing Quebec’s heritage, the McCord Museum will describe, digitize, and publish online 37 archival family fonds. These private archives, selected from a vast collection, will shed new light on Quebec’s economic, social and family history.

The goal of this project is to enable everyone to learn more about Quebec history by consulting these remarkable, content-rich textual archives. With this gift, Sun Life Financial is ensuring both the continued existence of these archives and their dissemination to the general public.

Some 400 pages from each fonds were selected for digitization and will be made available online to the public between February 2017 and June 2018. Each archival description includes a memorable excerpt from the documents as well as explanatory notes. We invite you to discover these families and their individual histories by exploring the contents of their archives.

Unique, digitized documents

The Baggs played a key role in the development of Mile End. Discover the legacy of this family!

Michèle Audette had an opportunity to look through some unique documents. Watch this short video to see what she found!

Dessaulles, Papineau, Leman and Béique Families Fonds P010 1737-2003
Bagg Family Fonds P070 1749-1995
Ludger Gravel Fonds P091 1870?, 1889-1986
Maurice-Régis Blondeau Fonds P098 1777-1787
Robillard Family Fonds P106 1739-1943
Verdon Family Fonds P108 1788-1890
Hélène Baillargeon-Côté Fonds P132 1960-1989
Meloche Family Fonds P556 1867-1966
Caverhill Family Fonds P645 1761, 1817-1970
Louis-Joseph Cartier Family Fonds P660 1797-1996
Honoré Beaugrand Fonds P675 1593-1959
Casgrain, Forget and Berthelot Families Fonds P683 1801-2005
Donalda David Fonds P735 1908-1960
Grignon and Guèvremont Families Fonds P747 1892-1974
Léontine Poutré and Hercule Martin Fonds P748 1847-1982
Des Rivières and Taschereau Families Fonds P752 1839-1972
Le Moine Family Fonds P761 1849-1955

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