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A word from the President

Welcome to the McCord Museum website!

Dynamic, interactive, innovative and open to the world, our website mirrors our Museum, which is an important contributor to cultural life in Montreal and aligned to the interests of its citizens.

Dedicated to the preservation, study and appreciation of Montreal’s social history, the McCord Museum is home to one of the largest historical collections in North America. This collection illustrates Canada’s history, the history of its society built by three founding nations: the First Peoples, the French, and the English.

Our exhibitions engage visitors through their diversity, contemporaneity, originality, and audacity. In 2017, the Museum’s fall-winter 2018 programming will start with contemporary photography exhibitions that will reveal new works and a technique from a bygone era.

Until April 29, 2018 – Gabor Szilasi: The Art World in Montreal, 1960–1980
About forty mostly unpublished photographs that Gabor Szilasi (1928) took at art openings and other artistic events in Montreal between 1960 and 1980. Shot in a spontaneous documentary style, they immortalize the people, places and vitality of Montreal’s art scene at a time of social and cultural upheaval.

Until May 6, 2018 – Michel Campeau: Life Before Digital
The Montreal photographer Michel Campeau (1948) offers a subjective and sentimental perspective of the material culture of photography before digital. His pictures of darkrooms and his collections of anonymous photographs from the fifties pay tribute to the big family of amateur photographers, in which viewers will recognize themselves.

From May 4 to November 2018 – Shalom Montreal: Stories and Contributions of Jewish Community
Jewish communities have participated in Montreal’s growth and development. Their remarkable achievements in a variety of sectors—arts and culture, health and science, justice and community groups, even business and real estate—have benefited, and continue to benefit, all Montrealers. An exhibition full of reminiscences, videos and photos that highlights the stories behind these important contributions.

From June 15 to October 14, 2018 – Balenciaga, Master of Couture
Revered by his contemporaries and future fashion designers alike, Cristóbal Balenciaga represents the pinnacle of haute couture in the 1950s and 1960s. His exquisite craftsmanship, pioneering use of fabrics and innovative cutting set the tone for the modernity of late 20th century fashion. The creations, the exceptional skill and the legacy of Balenciaga will be in the spotlight through this major fashion exhibition organized by the Victoria and Albert Museum and a North American exclusive premiere.

We also invite you to attend our lectures, film screenings and workshops and enjoy the varied educational and cultural activities that enrich this program, many of which are enhanced through innovative mobile applications.

I look forward to welcoming you to our Museum, a museum for all Montrealers.

Suzanne Sauvage
President and Chief Executive Officer

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